Renewable Energy

As a result of federal structural reforms, the energy sector presents a profitable scenario for investment.

Renewable energies represent the energy model of the future. In addition, their costs are steadily decreasing.

Quintana Roo is considered a strategic place where the implementation of renewable energies is possible., mainly solar energy, wind power and hydraulics.

  • From June 2016, the Peninsula regions generates on average 840 MW per day, but the same area consumes 1524 MW daily.
  • Quintana Roo ranks #5 in the country in terms of wind power potential.
  • Along the coast, wind power exceeds the 4 KWh needed to power a wind turbine.
  • According to PWC and the Wind Energy Mexican Association (AMDEE), wind power in the state has the potential to be competitive against fossil fuels at a 37.6 USD/MWh price.